DAY 1

    Recording of the sessions:

    - Harvesting from Practicing Collective Learning Spaces

    - Case Fair

    DAY 2 - PART I

    Recording of the sessions:

    - Opening (with Darija Miletic, Tom Kuppens)

    - Ratings and Rankings (with Thomas Dyllick, Johanna Wagner, Wilfred Mijnhardt)

    - Evaluation/Assessment/Credits (with Elisabeth Hofmann, Jordan King)

    DAY 2 - PART II

    Recording of the sessions:

    - PRME i5, Theory U, IDG - What is it and how useful it is for Transforming Education? (with Gustavo Loiola, Jeronimo Mejia,

    Ella Stadler-Stuart, Simon Zysset, Tom Kuppens)

    - Practicioner's Space: Free space for learning (with Thomas Remerie, Wannes Vande Voorde)

    - Practicioner's Space: Young person's guide to the future (with Raad Sharar, Dominique Troost)

    DAY 3

    Recording of the sessions:

    - Opening (with Navya Shiva Prakash, Elisabeth Hofmann)

    - Leadership for Learning (with Carlos Alvarez Pereira, Matthias Barth, Garry Jacobs, Clementine Robert, Anne Snick)

    - Open Space Harvesting (with Michael Winter, Mario Diethart)