• In our cosy conversation corners we facilitate 60-minute conversations with interesting and inspiring special guests.

  • DAY 1

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    Let’s talk rethinking economics – conversation with Sam de Muijnck

    Michael Mietz, Sam de Muijnck

    Topic: Rethinking the (economics) curriculum

    Time: Day 1 (6 September), 14.35-15.35 CET

    Room: FR-0.02


    Do economics students receive a diverse set of 'mental equipment' to critically tackle pressing issues such as climate change, inequality or power imbalances? How can we rethink our economics education? What practical, workable steps could we take right now? Join us in a conversation where we aim to share experiences, think about pluralism and talk change.

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    The Deep Time Walk at higher education institutions: a transformational experience through the story of the living earth – conversation with Stephan Harding

    Carolina Silva, Antje Disterheft, Stephan Harding

    Topic: Co-creative, transformative learning environments

    Time: Day 1 (6 September), 14.35-15.35 CET

    Room: FR-0.03


    Dr. Stephan Harding is a natural scientist that holds a PhD in behavioral ecology from Oxford University. He is one of the founders of Schumacher College, a renowned international center for transdisciplinary studies in the UK, and now resident scientist and senior lecturer there. In 2008, he was the leading scientist in the creation of the Deep Time Walk (DTW), an embodied learning activity in which each meter walked counts as one million years in the history of the planet. During the conversation we will explore with the audience a concrete phase of the DTW and reflect together how such an experience can be used in higher education.

  • DAY 2

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    Cosy conversation with Mariama Williams

    Elisabeth Hofmann, Mariama Williams

    Topic: Rethinking the (economics) curriculum

    Time: Day 2 (7 September), 13.00-14.00 CET

    Room: FR-2.02


    Come and meet Mariama! She is a feminist economist and popular economics trainer, working on economic development, trade, and climate change, with a focus on gender equality and women’s empowerment, social equity and just transitions... and a radiant woman, with a charisma triggering insight, hope and energy!