• Project staircases are 90-minute sessions where future partners get to know each other. Co-develop a project proposal or find the person who has the competences you are looking for.

  • DAY 1

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    Sustainable education design office

    Yolan Gielen, Leen Audenaert

    Topic: Rethinking the (economics) curriculum

    Time: Day 1 (6 September), 10.45-12.15 CET

    Room: FR-1.04


    How can we upscale the change towards a more sustainable higher education curriculum? Our answer has proved itself on a local scale. We facilitate change trajectories for Higher Education Institutions. After several successes, we want to share these experiences and make a bigger impact by gathering the experiences and methods in a ‘sustainable education design office’. This 'design office' could help all HEI's in Flanders, Europe, the world to adapt their curriculum to learn students face the current challenges of our society. Would you like to partner up for this project and want to discover how? Subscribe for this Project staircase and find out.

  • DAY 2

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    Team Thomas, an urban living lab for co-creation

    Filip Burgelman, Sarah Van Eijnde

    Topic: Co-creative, transformative learning environments

    Time: Day 2 (7 September), 10.20-11.50 CET

    Room: FR-0.01


    Team Thomas is a living lab for co-creation where residents of a neighborhood and students collaborate to create solutions for that neighborhood. We are particularly interested in finding partners to jointly investigate funding opportunities regarding the design of competencies frameworks needed for: social entrepreneurship, participative design competences, inter- and transdisciplinary competences, social innovation competences, collaboration with non-academic partners etc.