• Up for getting to know a new network or you want to create your own? Join a 60-minute network studio!

  • DAY 1

    Researching and teaching heterodox and pluralist economics

    Lina Isacs, Pernilla Andersson

    Topic: Rethinking the (economics) curriculum

    Time: Day 1 (6 September), 10.45-12.15 CET

    Room: FR-0.15


    We are researchers in educational sciences and ecological economics in Sweden with an interest in establishing a research environment that could be the home of courses on different levels, a research school and research projects in strands of economics that do not yet exist (in our geographical area). We also have a particular interest in researching and developing teaching in heterodox and pluralist economics. We would like to meet at the Higher Education Summit to find allies with the same interests of researching both heterodox and pluralist economics and new ways of teaching economics, i.e. teaching that enable students to grasp with the complex and dynamic relationships between economic, social and ecological dimensions of sustainability. Anyone with the same interests can join!

    Going beyond growth paradigm. How to realise paradigm transition through transformational leadership in Higher Education

    Franceina van Zalk

    Topic: Rethinking the (economics) curriculum

    Time: Day 1 (6 September), 10.45-12.15 CET

    Room: FR-1.06


    How does one develop change agent competencies in higher economic education, in which a new paradigm needs to be cultivated? Our experiences so far motivate us to share our insights and research the Transformational Leadership Program of the master Circular Economy (HAN, the Netherlands) on the topic of ‘paradigm shift through self-awareness’ with aims to define the principles for effective educational design. In this network studio I would like to invite participants to discuss ways I can best go about my research, after a demonstration of used techniques.

    Wise choice: a community of practice for people skills for the SDGs

    Anne Zimmermann, Marilyn Mehlmann, Boris Goldammer, Jutta Goldammer, Mario Diethart

    Topic: Moving from learning about to learning for and as sustainability

    Time: Day 1 (6 September), 10.45-12.15 CET

    Room: FR-1.07


    Are you interested in how to foster decision-making for sustainable development at your higher education institution? Do you want to join our unique Community of Practice? We invite faculty staff, students, ESD researchers, adult education experts, and other stakeholders to join us in this network event, try out some experience-based techniques, and discuss these as well as the possibility of joining our CoP and launching further projects.

  • European STEAM+: Innovating STE(A)M in Higher Education with Transdisciplinary Talent programs project

    Jan-Peter Sandler

    Topic: Co-creative, transformative learning environments

    Time: Day 1 (6 September), 14.35-15.35 CET

    Room: FR-0.04


    What is transdisciplinary education? What is sustainability? What are talent programs? How can these different concepts come together? In this network studio session core concepts in the ERASMUS+ sponsored STE(A)M+ project (steamtalent.eu) will be discussed. We invite educational policy makers, teachers, students and other stakeholders to join our networking studio to co-construct a deeper understanding of its ideas and learn about the STE(A)M+ project.
    On 8 September from 9:00-13:00 CET you can also join a further STEAM+ networking opportunity and meet the STEAM+ team in Leuven at the faculty of Philosophy, KU Leuven (Kardinal Mercierplein 2).

  • DAY 2

    Responsible Management Education through Regional Collaboration: Introducing the UN PRME Chapter France-Benelux

    Kim Ceulemans, Krista Finstad-Milion, Ingrid Molderez

    Topic: Rethinking the (economics) curriculum

    Time: Day 2 (7 September), 10.20-11.50 CET

    Room: FR-1.03


    UN PRME is a global network that gathers business schools and faculties worldwide to become generators of a sustainable global economy and to manage the complex challenges faced by business and society in the 21st century. PRME includes 17 local networks and over 800 signatory business schools and faculties promoting responsible management education in different regions around the world. The PRME Chapter France-Benelux, founded in 2017, is among those regional chapters and currently counts 58 members, including 7 from Belgium.

    As a regional network focused on responsible management education, we organize a meeting for (potential) members and partners during the Higher Education Summit, with the aim of disseminating our work and creating opportunities for new memberships and partnerships in the region. We will introduce ongoing projects during the session, such as the PRME and LEGO Project “The Impactful Five (i5): Learning in Leadership Education”; the PRME Global Students (PGS) Movement; the PRME World Tour for Research. We will also provide space for brainstorming on potential future collaborations between session participants and motivate participants to share their best practices during our next event at Rotterdam School of Management on 13-14 October 2022.

    Planning education and practice in Sub-Saharan Africa: The need for rethinking and retooling the learning process for the attainment of the 2030 Agenda and beyond

    Abdul Husaini, Adamu Ahmed, Kayom Wilson, Musa Dalil, Muhammad Mustapha Gambo

    Topic: Co-creative, transformative learning environments

    Time: Day 2 (7 September), 10.20-11.50 CET

    Room: FR-1.07


    The session is proposed to highlight the urbanization challenges in some selected cities of Sub-Saharan African cities, place of adequate planning in mitigating the negative impact of the problem and how effective and responsive planning education can address them. This would involve presentations, discussions and sharing of ideas by participants. The session would end with a summary, recommendations and concrete next steps towards changing the narratives.

    Design for social innovation – let’s build a multidisciplinary network for practitioners!

    Pierre Echard, Natasha Daix, Joy Sfeir

    Topic: Co-creative, transformative learning environments

    Time: Day 2 (7 September), 10.20-11.50 CET

    Room: FR-2.02


    Join us to build the foundations for an action-learning network which could monitor opportunities, broker relations, connect expertise, learn, and showcase social and environmental innovation. A network where creatives from visual arts, design and spatial arts, could connect with all other disciplines, to co-create learning journeys and field-based action research projects. As an artistic institution we have many of the required the creative skills, but we are interested connecting with social and hard scientists, engineers, policy makers, experts in education, in mobility, nutrition, migration etc. to fully address systemic challenges.