Ready, set, action!

  • The Higher Education Summit 2022 aims to bring together those who wish to transform higher education for the benefit of a "safe and just space for humanity" (Raworth, 2017): people who study, teach, research, and contribute to governance at higher education institutions, and representatives of the business world, government, and civil society.

    We invite you to join us to rethink the role of higher education institutions in shaping the economy. Whether we prefer to call it a doughnut economy, circular economy, or regenerative economy – we all aspire for a world in which humans can flourish in close harmony with a thriving planet. And we know that learning is key to driving this transformation (Berlin Declaration on Education for Sustainable Development, 2021).


    The Call for Contributions is closed.

  • Solutions, not problems 

    Are you a positive changemaker and do you want to contribute to transformation for sustainable development? We invite you to share or co-create solutions in higher education for achieving the sustainable development goals, focusing on one of the following topics: 

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    Rethinking the (economics) curriculum


    No matter what discipline you study or teach, can doughnut economics be used as a compass to rethink what is being learned in higher education? How should the curriculum be changed so that it is adapted to the vision of a regenerative, inclusive, and sufficiency-oriented economy? How can the recently launched GreenComp framework be implemented in higher education and how can we decolonize the curriculum?

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    Moving from learning about to learning for and as sustainability


    How can higher education institutions transform themselves and implement the whole institution approach? What kind of organizational learning needs to take place? How can leadership in learning for and as sustainability be fostered in higher education institutions? What role do students play in speeding up the transformation of higher education?  

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    Co-creative and transformative learning environments 


    How can we stimulate the interaction with society and businesses in transforming higher education for the benefit of sustainable development? Is transdisciplinary learning sufficient? Will service learning do the trick? Is it design thinking or another innovative pedagogy? What role do the arts play? How do you assess transformative learning and sustainability competences? What are the conditions and next practices for deep, multilateral learning?

  • Ready, set, action! 

    Add a little bit of magic to your research results, teaching practices or learning experiences and turn them into a superspreader of actionable change for sustainable development. You can choose between one of the following formats:

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    Research lab (60 minutes) 


    Did you find scientific proof that shows the transformative potential of your didactic approach? What was the magic trick that made this happen? How did you measure it? Tell your story in an inspiring way, inviting responses and interaction, and let the audience coach you in continuing your research. They might have the magic wand to help you to get your research from a dusty bookshelf and transform it into action for sustainable development, or to sharpen a scientific angle from a new perspective.


    Address the following questions in your proposal:

    • What is the research question?
    • What methods did you apply?
    • What are the research results?
    • How will you present your research in an original way inviting participation of the audience?
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    Action atelier (90 minutes) 


    Do you have innovative ideas for regenerating the economy? Maybe you have a transformative method or an art or design installation or you would like to show and test? Show us your best practice to co-create a vision of a flourishing future for everyone on this thriving planet. Do you want to turn your best practice into a next practice? Reflect with the audience on how to shape your workshop into the top-notch-next-level magic touch for societal transformation. 


    Address the following questions in your proposal:

    • What is the aim of your workshop or installation? 
    • What is the main didactic approach of your workshop? 
    • How will your workshop proceed? 
    • Why do you think that your workshop has potential for transformation? 
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    Project staircase (90 minutes) 


    So you are looking for a partner in crime? Imagine what the world would look like if you could find companions to redefine how the economy or the monetary system could work. Create your own personal mini matchmaking event for project proposals at our conference. Tell us what competences you are looking for to co-develop your magic bullet for higher education for sustainable development and start brainstorming on potential funding.


    Address the following questions in your proposal:

    • What is your project idea? 
    • Which competences are you looking for to strengthen your consortium? 
    • Which funding channels are you aiming for?
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    Cosy conversation corner (60 minutes) 


    Has someone special inspired you for your work on transformative learning for sustainable development? Always wanted to talk to the author of your favorite book or documentary? Do you have research ideas that you would like to exchange with an important scholar or policy maker in the field? Or is there a student or entrepreneur you admire? Tell us who you would like to have a conversation with, while also involving the audience. We cannot promise anything, but with a little bit of magic…   


    Address the following questions in your proposal:

    • Tell us who you would like to have a conversation with
    • Explain why this person inspired you
    • What question(s) would you like to ask? 
    • How will you involve the audience in the conversation? 
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    Network studio (90 minutes) 


    Is your network searching for new allies or do you want to set up a new network for creating a butterfly effect for a safe and just space for humanity? Book a room to host your own network meeting. 


    Address the following questions in your proposal:

    • What is your network about? 
    • Why would you like to gather at the Higher Education Summit? 
    • Who can join? 
    • What is the URL of your website (if you have one)?