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    Putting all learners at the center of education

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    with students, educators and changemakers in the field of transformative learning for sustainable development

  • Are you ready to revolutionize education and drive sustainable change? Join us in co-creating and shaping the future of higher education at the 2023 Higher Education Summit – Student Takeover!
    The three-day online summit aims to explore how we can foster collective transformative learning and integrate it into higher education to make it future-proof.



    How can the education system become an effective driving force for a more sustainable future? To address current and future challenges, the present mono-disciplinary educational system needs to change to tackle and navigate the complexity of sustainability challenges. This not only affects both educators and students (and other stakeholders), but also requires their proactive engagement. Preparing for the future entails a paradigm shift towards a more learner-driven education, which means that not only students, but also teachers and other educational and societal stakeholders learn by closely collaborating – a real Copernican Revolution in Higher Education. Putting the mindset of all these learners into the center of education implies adding a new dimension to long established roles and pedagogies, and challenging the current structures in place.


    23-25 NOVEMBER 2023

    The 2023 Higher Education SummitStudent Takeover is organized by the COPERNICUS Alliance and oikos International, supported by SOS – Students Organizing for Sustainability International, the Green Office Movement, and the Club of Rome.

    Together we will host a 3-day virtual conference that aims to bring together different audiences involving students, educators and changemakers in the field of transformative learning for sustainable development within higher education. We will offer an interactive program with different formats including keynotes, workshops, and spaces for informal exchange among participants.

    The summit will take place from 23-25 November 2023, online and free of charge. Registration will open soon!

    Get actively involved and submit your contributions by 6 October Call for Contributions

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    The 2023 Higher Education Summit explores how collective and/or collaborative learning spaces can foster and nurture transformative learning and integrate it into higher education. Such a learning environment is expected to increase active trans-formative learning for all (teachers and collaborating societal actors included), which is why it is also relevant and unavoidable to shed light on current assessment practices in Collaborative Learning Spaces, alternative evaluation methods, learner-driven credit systems, etc.

    Envisaging a Copernican Revolution for a sustainable future, we raise the question: "How can we foster collective transformative learning and structurally inte-grate it into higher education to make it future-proof?"

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    oikos ACADEMY

    The 2023 Higher Education Summit will mark the highlight of a full month of transforming education, which puts students at the center, fostering a learner-driven drive in this transformation. The oikos Academy starts on 22 October 2023 and involves several onsite events with local oikos chapters.

    It is a change lab that brings together students, professors, university management and additional stakeholders in higher education.


    Learn more about the oikos Academy